Good news: Feminism IS for sale!

A French version of the same text (more or less) has been made available by your favorite boxer here.

Angry. #likeagirl

One of the components of my job is to write criminal analysis papers. I try to reflect on gender perspectives when I’m given the possibility. The last paper I co-authored was supposed to discuss women’s role in fighting the new methamphetamine threat in West Africa.

Before publication, it has been edited to the point where this primary concern was almost absent. Women groups in traditional societies were the crux of my reflexion. Several edits later, women groups have been reduced to a social structure amongst others, way behind media or religious groups.

And to make things worse, the paper has been delayed several weeks, to make room for another analysis about the visit of a Central Asia country president to China. This was considered of greater importance than the actions of millions of West African women actions.

Like a story on millions of women was no match compared to a story on a single man, let him be president.

But this is about to change.


A lot is happening right now in the world. Numerous feminist movies, documentariesarticlesdemonstrationscommercials, blogs, campaignsartistic projects, just name it.

At the same time, members of our community are increasingly afraid of the recuperation of our movement for equal rights. Many think that the recuperation by the movie, advertisement and other commercial industries will just destroy us, and transform the 4th wave of feminism into pink marketing.

Thanks @skitoris for authorizing ;)

Thanks @skitoris for authorizing


The core of the problem is that Feminism became bankable, and indignant voices raise to remind that we are not for sale.

But dear sisters: in this fight, let’s be for sale. There is much more to win than to loose.

Women? They’re so hot right now!



Bankable means that a LOADS of money will be poured in. It means that stories and investment centered on women necessary, needed, and craved by the public.

The advertisement industry is no fool. One needs only to think of the 236,5 BILLION $ to brainwash the American viewers in 2013, to understand it’s power and influence. If a part of this money is now flooding to fund feminism, it means that the world is changing big time.

I’m not telling here that we don’t have to be vigilant against inappropriate or abusive recuperations… but that if they want to fund us, let’s be responsible and pocket this cash to drive the change.


Just think of it:


Are you a historian or a linguist worried about the symbolic annihilation  of women in history and you want to rewrite class books? You’ll get money to research, analyze, and publish your book.

Are you an engineer who want to create toys for girls, to encourage them to explore their technical skills? There will be a lot of cash to finance you.


Goldie Box toys


Do you want to make a TV series about a group of female friends scratching crotches in front of their TV, idle, self conscious and occasionally banging a random objectified boy? There will be an audience for that, especially if your heroines are NOT size-zero!

Capture d’écran 2014-06-28 à 16.10.30


Are you a girl playing soccer, you’re so good you that want to be pro? TV prime-time for you.

Are you an unemployed woman who want to research about European law from a gender perspective, and how to make it more adapted to women concerns? The EU will will consider your project a priority and shell out the cash!

Are you a scientist who wants to analyze more female lab animals cells, to study the reaction to female organisms to new medication? You’ll have it. 

(Being vegan, I am firmly opposed to animal testing. I am making a point regarding the utilization of the cells that are already stocked by the labs)

Are you a post graduate who need 3 million $ to make a research project on World of Warcraft or Eve, from a gender perspective? Help yourself.

Are you an director who wants to film a multi-million blockbuster with a girl in the lead role? Don’t tear your hair out in trying to find a producer; they will line up, and go cast Harriet Potter.


Or Emperess Jingu, the woman Samurai


Are you an analyst writing about 10 trans Black women in a remote village in Mali making ? Your subject will be put as first priority by the editor.


Ladies, opening our pockets does not equate to opening our legs. The money is already there, instead of letting publicist do what they want with our image and our feminism, let’s be in charge.

We are already half of the world, let’s just take back what’s due to us!

And I hope that as I’m writing those words, one of you ladies is patenting “Feminazi”.






3 thoughts on “Good news: Feminism IS for sale!

  1. I loved this.

    There’s this catchphrase about “not using the enemy’s weapons”, which is usually directed from oppressor/privileged/dominant people to social justice activists.

    Many times, this includes money: “Capitalism exploits women! It is founded in women’s unpaid work! How dare you try and use money in your favor!!!!”

    But the truth remains, money is the fuel of today’s world. No money, no fuel.

    Sure, we can walk and run and jump… it’s just we would be taking the long road, and for no good reason.

    • Hi! Thank you very much for comment (I can’t link the happy spinning boxer here, but you got the idea)
      -I was on holidays, sorry for late reply.
      Absolutely, no fuel, no war. Look forward to discover your ideas on your blog!

      (and this confirms me that I need to translate all my stuff in English..)

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