Legal makes it safe – NOT!

Because it’s hard to read and I’m grateful she did it. Because it must be remembered every BLOODY time we hear about punters and pimps talking about her free choice.


Overview of content:

1 Police reports/articles by police

2 Articles from mainstream papers

3 Study on trafficking increasing because of legalization 

4 Findings by the German ministry for Families, Seniors, Women, and Youth

5 Example from the Netherlands

6 Germany, from Forums

7 Murders or murder attempts of prostituted women in Germany since 2002

8 Abolition 2014 and Initiative Stop Sexkauf


There is an English (basic) overview of the Prostitution Act at:

The law is currently under review in the German Bundestag (Parliament) – the views of the two coalition partners (Christian Conservatives – CDU/CSU and Social Democrats – SPD) vary. None are in favour of the Nordic Model – they are discussing various forms of reglementation.

We hope they’ll take some time so we can educate and reach out to more citizens.


1 Police reports/articles by police:

Manfred Paulus, Ex-Police, highlighting the enormous abuses…

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