Feminism is NOT a private issue: a powerful lesson by Ellen Ekman

Stockholm comics scene is incredible. One of my favorite comic artist is Ellen Ekman. In 4 squares, she adresses an issue much better than I and my arm-long articles. (And think that she publishes one piece a day in the metro!!) I wish to translate for the English public this piece from the 12th June 2014.

This one addresses a very important women’s and public health issues, and why tagging something “my choice” will never be as powerful as treating it as making it “our problem“. So let’s treat all, and I mean all – health, prostitution, schools, public space and our safety- as collective matters.


"Les lignes 3, 15, 63 et 19 sont retardées pour cause de présence de paquet de chips sur la voie..." "Si personne ne se dénonce  nous n'allons pas plus loin... ok?"

“Lines 3, 15, 63 and 19 are delayed due to the presence of a bag of crisps on the rail lines …If no one denounces oneself, we are not going further … ok?”


“When I have to wait, I use to do pelvic floor exercises! With enough training, you can significantly reduce the risk of urinary leakage after giving birth!”



“Actually, I am working on developing rebel action plans against a society in which postpartum vaginal injuries are considered normal, and in which women are forced to suffer in silence, because NO ONE wants to pull their fingers out of their ass and invest resources in midwives, which would ensure a more safe and secure childbirth and for all of us. This would also reduce dramatically the number of post vaginal delivery injuries. “

"Quand j'attends quelque chose, j'ai l'habitude de faire des exercices de contractions musculaire. Avec suffisamment d'entrainement, on peut considérablement diminuer les risques de fuite urinaire après un accouchement!" "Intéressant"

“Yes, we can also do that.”

“Each to his own.”

One thought on “Feminism is NOT a private issue: a powerful lesson by Ellen Ekman

  1. So very true. Funnily enough, it seems that the original language is Swedish. (I don’t speak the language, but it looks like it) Sweden is one of the countries with the lowest risk of death in childbirth. In other countries, the situation is even worse.

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