Currently Prostituted Woman Speaks- To the”Sex Worker” Lobby: This is What you Sound Like.

That’s crazy that when it comes to “sex work” people do not see that. I even had a dude that told me, “what’s the difference between selling my hands or women selling their vaginas? It’s a part of the body like another”. Err…


For the “Choosy- Choicers” and allies- this is what you sound like when you go on about “sex work” and “choice”

Chelsea Geddes, a woman currently in prostitution,  nails it here:

“There is a difference between sweatshop workers who are forced to work long hours in a factory for 1 dollar a day, and those who freely choose to work in a sweatshop earning 1 dollar a day. It is denying these consenting sweatshop workers agency and dehumanising them to say they are helpless victims of capitalism and racism. Some radical socialists have taken it upon themselves to assert that sweatshop work cannot possibly be consensual and we are basically slaves. Because of racism and capitalism, we are forced into the sweatshop factories, therefore it is not a free choice.

The danger with this approach, besides the unwelcome paternalistic attitude, is that it creates a roadblock for any further progress…

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