NGOs: the best PR and Spin Doctors that (sex-industry) money can buy

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Disclaimer: Anyone seriously concerned about the topic of prostitution is advocating for the decriminalization of the Prostituted (women and children). The position adopted in this text is to criminalize the buying and the procuring of women and children as goods in the “sex-industry” for the enjoyment of men.

I refuse to use the terminology “sex-work”, if not in quotations. Words are important, and the term “sex-work” conceals the fact that 95% of the Prostituted are Women and Children. The term also implies that prostitution is a reasonable career choice for a human being and a normal way  to make a living, like domestic work or any other physical labor job. 

“The Prostituted” is a term that actually reflects the  reality of the situation and the ramifications of the Industry. Many survivors find it the most apt word.  It is used by the artist Suzzan Blac who herself survived the slave-trade of prostitution and pornography.


“Mind fuckers” 2012

The war on women: when NGOs take the torch from Corporations

When I wrote the post on Amnesty International position advocating pimping and buying women bodies, I realized that many international organizations were urging to decriminalize all aspects of prostitution -selling, buying and procuring women and children. 

Under the pretense of  protecting the rights of “sex-workers”, the UNAIDS, the UNDP, UN Women, Human Right Watch (HRW), the World Health Organization (WHO), the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) are bringing all their influence and political power to the issue, despite massive evidence that that legal does not equals safe. 

I could not ignore their false arguments  for the rights “sex-workers”.  All  research and data shows the very  policy they advocate will worsen the situation for the Prostituted. I wondered who are these agencies were really advocating and working for.

After some research, it appears that many NGOs are not what they seem.  Many are extremely well funded and often have the very same goals as global corporations. NGOs are in effect,  a public relations branch of the Corporations. They are funded with and controlled by the same Billionaires. 

These NGOs give  the public the impression that they are non-partisan, not promoting any agenda and working for the general benefit of society and the disadvantaged around the world. Sadly, this is false and has become a way the public is manipulated into thinking these agencies are working for them.

For example,  the Open Foundation Society and the “philanthropist” George Soros. Long portrayed as “progressive and Liberal” his funded NGOs have promoted decriminalization (of drugs and all aspects of prostitution) around the world.

Some arguments include:

  • “sex-work” is dangerous only because of stigma (and not because of inherent male violence, years of abuse and high level of addiction)
  • “sex-work” is a choice and a matter of agency (physical and emotional abuse are never being considered as mental and physical conditioning) Nor is the fact that most “sex-workers” are under the age of 14 years old when they enter prostitution. Legally they cannot give consent, let alone make a “career choice”. They are minors and their clients are pedophiles paying to rape them “legally”
  • the only way to curb AIDS is to decriminalize “sex-work”, distribute condoms, legalize and regulate all aspects of prostitution (but absolutely not address the demand of men for female bodies, prosecuting the pimps and abusers, or investing in women to offer other options)

This is an overview of why you should not trust a list signatories, be them prestigious, who advocate feverishly for the “sex-workers” rights to sell “sexual services”, while never addressing the society (and men) responsibilities.

Read about:

1. Follow the money: Open Society Foundation and George Soros

2. Amnesty International

3. United Nations against AIDS (UNAIDS) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

4. The World Health Organization

5. Human Right Watch.

6. The Economist

7. The ACLU –  the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation


1. Follow the money: Open Society Foundation and George Soros

George Soros (real life)

George Soros

Who’s Soros and OSF

Hedge fund manager George Soros is probably one of the richest and politically influent person on earth. Forbes magazine estimates his wealth at $6.9 billion, making him the 37th-richest person in the world. He made his fortune in aggressive currency speculation – which provoked very hard blows against nationals economies and their citizens, creating hardship in the societies that he came later to “rescue”.

Posing as a fierce adversary of capitalism, it did not prevent him from registering his Quantum hedge-fund in the Netherlands Antilles, a high spot of money laundering and tax heaven, out of reach for the authorities. He has been prosecuted and convicted in France of market manipulation and fraud.

Through his Open Society Foundation (OSF), he has been funding entities for the decriminalization of drugs and prostitution- 11 BILLION dollars in the last 30 years.

Purchasing coca-producing lands and forging alliances in the drug businesses, under the pretense of defending “civil rights”, can make one raise eyebrows. That’s the strategy chosen by George Soros and OSF. Officially, they fights for human rights, defend Black males disproportionally jailed in the US for marijuana offenses, and supporting Andean traditional coca farmers. In parallel, Soros bought important shares in Bank of Colombia (50 millions USD) amid money-laundering and drug-cartel connections, is an important donor of the Andean Council of Coca Leaf Growers (CAPHC), and invested heavily in the future boom of the marijuana business.

OSF and Soros are argumenting drugs should be regulated according to the needs of the customersWhile debates are healthy in democratic societies- one must ask herself/himself : Is it about individual freedom, ore are there huge financial interests at stake? Who would produce those new legalized drugs, and who would “need” them? Or in the prostitution context, who would need to be numbed and comply to get through the day of their new legalized career?

What are OSF agenda on prostitution:

The OSF position on prostitution in a section called “MANS..EXPLAINERS” (that cannot be invented) is as follows:

“Sex workers are (also) male […] who choose to do sex work because it offers better pay and more flexibility […] or as a result of circumstances like poverty which[…] do not involve coercion or deceit.”

“OSF support the decriminalization of sex work […] removing criminal penalties that apply to sex work, allowing it to be governed by similar workplace laws and protections as any other job, and […] bringing it under a regulatory regime in the way that tobacco and alcohol—for example—are controlled in many countries.”

So are “Sex workers” DUDES who chose to do this job because of flexible hours?

Did OSF actually compared Prostituted women and children with goods such as tobacco and alcohol ? 

Shocked me   ??!   Shocked me       ….????………… Capture d’écran 2014-09-20 à 15.26.56

Indeed, OSF partners and associates are real “sex-workers” friends. Take Argentinian Supreme Court judge Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni, prominent cannabis legalization advocate, close to Soros and abundantly quoted on OSF  -is accused to have violently exploited women in a sex-trafficking ring in SIX apartments out of 15 apartments he owns in Buenos Aires.

He had "no idea" (click the image to access the story)

Judge Zaffroni had “NO IDEA” on what was going on! (click the image to access the story)

You would think, he resigned? Wrong. He’s still pursuing his world-class career.

One thing is certain regarding male prostitution: in poverty stricken countries Prostituted men and boys are routinely undergoing hormone therapy etc to appeal to sex tourism and “trans” or “she male” sex. Many of them are gay and in my opinion would never go through with hormones, surgery etc if it weren’t for financial motive. In India, it the system is entrenched. This is a somewhat taboo topic and but it’s true in many countries in ASIA/Pacific. Fore more details and questions, contact @_feminist

2. Amnesty International

Bravo Amnesty

OSF is a major donor of Amnesty (page 10 of their statuses) and is referred to several times in their prostitution-legalization policy paper.

As per their Assembly and Directors Forum 2014 – Sex work policy discussion, the organization will keep pushing for the right of men to buy sex, and pimp women. 

“Amnesty International would call for the removal of all laws and policies that make sex-work a crime -such as laws prohibiting […] buying or facilitating sex- work, living off the proceeds of prostitution”.

The IS continues to recommend a final policy position that calls for decriminalization of all aspects of sex- work but acknowledges that there is more work to be done to enable the movement to evaluate the competing issues.”

“Confirming AI’s position on this aspect of sex-work (decriminalize sex-workers) should not be seen as the end of this process. Instead, this approach should be seen as allowing the AI movement to focus further consultation on the aspects of sex-work around which there are divergent views.

In other words, Amnesty is not done with their fight to sell Prostituted Women, and is ensured to receive OSF heavy artillery in support.

3. The UN

Capture d’écran 2014-09-14 à 19.47.39

United Nations against AIDS (UNAIDS) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

The United Nations program for AIDS and the United Nations Development Program are abundantly referred to since the publication of a joint report in 2012, entitled,HIV and the Law: Rights, Risks, and Health.” The commission does, ironically enough, describe itself as an independent body, while acknowledgingthe generous financial support” of Open Society Foundations, among others (page 5).

The report chooses to depoliticize the issues of prostitution, by calling it the “voluntary, private and consensual adult sexual behaviors” and states that “sex work is not always a desperate or irrational act; it is a realistic choice to sell sex—in order to support a family, an education or maybe a drug habit. It is an act of agency.”

“Recognizing the sexual autonomy of young people”: available earlier “sex-trade” markets?

The report also urges the nations to “recognize the sexual autonomy of young people and lower the age of legal consent for decisions on reproductive rights. In the name of the fight against HIV, UN agencies are concerned about the discrepancies between legal age of consent for sex and the access to sexual-rights (!!!!).

Last time I checked, there was not parental groups or global movements opposing the right of children to receive a treatment against HIV in poor countries. On the contrary, there was an urgency to protect little girls sold into child marriages and prostitution.

“Recognizing their sexual autonomy” (=right to decide, and agency) is serving another agenda.  Pressing for “sexual autonomy for young people” would be an additional tool to help them to “voluntarily” opt for sex-work at an earlier age -especially in countries where girl’s role in society is to support families.

"Contradictions" between the age to decide and the age of legal consent to sex

This argument is not science fiction. For reminder, child-prostitution was authorized in Switzerland until September 2013, based on the gap between age of consent and majority.

Exploiters used underaged girls thanks to the age of consent, and argued they made “informed decisions”.

4. The World Health Organization.

Soros and OSF ensured to have on board world-class researchers. Jim Young Kim, newly elected UN World Bank director and pioneer researcher on tuberculosis and HIV, describes the highest point of his career as the moment when he received financial support from Soros.

He also served as director of the World Health Organization.

Not only George Soros and the World Health Organization are closely connected through  Jim Young Kim, but he is also praised on the WHO website as “philantropist” and generous “funder”.

How the WHO utilizes the fight against HIV to promote the exploitation Prostituted women, aka “legalize commercial sex to help sex workers?

Sex workers, their clients and regular partners are key populations at risk for HIV infection.

The Prostituted, the johns and the Prostituted families are painted with the same brush, a well known strategy also employed by Amnesty International. Utilizing the HIV epidemics to promote legalization of prostitution, under the false pretense of caring for women is opportunistic and profoundly disturbing. The WHO and the UN does never targets mens responsibility in the HIV/AIDS epidemics. Quite the contrary, the burden of protecting oneself and others relies on women and children.

The HIV and the Law report does not questions the relevance of health guides and toolkits distributed by the WHO. Most men who pay for women and children bodies do not want to wear condoms. Many believe that raping a virgin or a child child will cure them from AIDS.


5. Human Right Watch

Human Right Watch is a very loud and enthusiastic defender of “sex workers” rights. They are helped in their lobbying by the 100 million dollars they received from Soros and OSF.

Here is some (surrealistic) HRW arguments against the recent C36 bill in Canada:

“don’t be fooled, if this bill becomes law, sex workers will face arrest, violence and violations of their human rights”

“These provisions won’t protect sex workers; they will do the opposite, and they violate their […] freedom of expression”

“In New Zealand, where sex work was decriminalized in 2003, authorities have not detected a single case of trafficking in the sex trade despite multiple investigations.”

So why is HRW serving us this argument?

Could it be because there is NO victims or trafficking, or because New Zealand law doesn’t recognize domestic trafficking victims?

According to the report linked above, in New Zealand, as anywhere else, “foreign women, men and children were subject to forced labour and sex trafficking in New Zealand, but the government had not prosecuted any trafficking cases in the last eight years.”

The New Zealand definition of trafficking requires international movement, so the “number of children within the country, often of Maori or Pacific Islander descent, who were subjected to street prostitution and compelled into child prostitution” are being scandalously ignored by Human Right Watch.

New Zealand law is toothless faced to global organized human trafficking – and the only laws that applies are “kidnapping”. This is probably something that the lawyers of HRW have looked into before choosing the Open Society Foundation dollars.

Want to hear a different story than the one financed and brought to you by the sex-industry? Try the New Zealand Herald:

“New Zealand has been named as a “source country” for sex trafficking of underage girls and a destination country for forced labour in a sharply critical report released by the US State Department. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released the annual Trafficking in Persons report in Washington DC this morning. It accuses New Zealand of having a small number of girls and boys, often of Maori or Pacific Island descent, who are trafficked domestically as street prostitutes. They can be the victim of gang trafficking rings. Foreign women from China and Southeast Asia are sometimes recruited to become prostitutes in New Zealand and may be at risk of coercive practices. The report also takes aim at the violent and abusive conditions allegedly in place on some foreign-flagged fishing vessels in New Zealand waters.”

6. The Economist

The Economist is not an NGO but a powerful media, and I find relevant to quote it here:

In the recent years, male responsibility in prostitution and sex-trafficking has began to be brought to light, and diverse counter-reactions from the sex-trade lobby have been observed as well.

Soros could count on his allies in the press. The New Institute of Economic Thinking (budget, 50 million USDemploys Anatole Kaletsky as Chairman of the Governing Board. Kaletsky has been at the Economist since 1976.

In August 2014, the Economist published a tasteful defense of the Sex Trade, in an article titled “More bangs for your buck”. Clients are called gentlemen, we learn that they prefer blondes, but not bleached, as well as graphic details and prices for fake breasts, anal sex

(Elephant in the room: I propose to take a few meditating seconds to visualize the Economist boys-club researchers analyzing online prices for anal sex, threesomes, or gangbangs, to deliver complicated graphs on what those “gentlemen” prefer.)

Those brilliant minds also researched prices for blow-jobs without condoms.

So much for HIV prevention and “sex-workers” safety .

7. The ACLU –  the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation

According to their website, “the foundation was established by George Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society and some especially generous ACLU Foundation supporters to ensure that the ACLU has the resources necessary to act wherever and whenever our civil liberties are threatened.”

In figures, they received 1 000 000 USD in 2013 only.

Melinda Chateauvert, prominent member of ACLU, in a book in defense of the “sex-work” states “

Clients who fear arrest may refuse to negotiate openly, or react violently when they feel threatened

Men provoked and threatened by women, and who consequently can’t control their violent reactions?

Where did we heard it before?

"Tell Me You Love It"

“Tell Me You Love It”


If a financial giant was bribing or buying several global organizations to convince you that there is no problem with your food, or that their product is totally safe, would you not growingly suspicious? This time, it’s women’s and girl’s body that are the product to be commercialized. And an army of NGOs and Think Thanks are standing in line to convince us that “sex work” can be safe,  empowering. It can be a legitimate choice of life for a poor woman. That the only way to curb the AIDS epidemic is to allow those women do the WORK of their CHOICE.

To believe it, you just need to close your eyes to the facts, and close your heart to empathy for other human beings fate.

Soros has made his Billions from privatization of economies in Eastern Europe and around the world. The rise of poverty in Eastern European countries is directly related to privatization as publicly owned resources and wealth are moved into private hands.

Soros has created the very conditions that cause prostitution. His organizations seek to promote it even further and divert attention away from core financial issues which Corporations and International criminal profiteers have created.

The Sex Industry, is an apt name. It has become one of the biggest money makers of the modern era. There are more slaves now than any other time in history. Many are sex slaves. It makes sense that Corporations and their PR firms (some NGOs) are so actively engaged in the normalization of a business that profits from rape, abuse and degradation of it’s “sex-workers”.

The Industry is believed to generate a minimum of 30 billion dollars a year.  With so much money at stake it makes perfect sense that large Institutions would make such a massive effort to keep the blood profit flowing regardless of the women and children whose lives are forever effected.

If they really were concerned about women and children the laws and policies they promote would reflect the research and data which clearly shows that punishing the pimps, profiteers and clients is the only way to eradicate the problem. The fact that these NGOs instead promote the very opposite policy (that increases the problem) indicates their true agenda.

Actions, truly do speak louder than words. Don’t be fooled about the “Anti-HIV” “Human Right campaigns”. You are watching Advertising campaigns.

22 thoughts on “NGOs: the best PR and Spin Doctors that (sex-industry) money can buy

  1. Hello, in this sentence “Officially, they fights for human rights, defend Black males disproportionally jailed in the US for marijuana offenses, and supporting Andean traditional coca farmers. In parallel, Soros bought important shares in Bank of Colombia (50 millions USD) amid money-laundering and drug-cartel connections, is an important founder of the Andean Council of Coca Leaf Growers (CAPHC), and invested heavily in the future boom of the marijuana business.”, do you really mean *founder*, or is it “funder”?

  2. HI savy boxer, thank you for this great and important article. Would you agree in a German translation for publishing it on the blog of our abolitionist group? I would be glad hearing from you, you can send me an email. Have a nice evening. And again: Thank you very much for this work! ❤ (I haven't found you on twitter anymore, so I tried this way to ask …)

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